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When a problem cums along…you must whip it. Whip it good!

Punish me, daddy…

Do you have a thing for toys? Sometimes, we use them solo. Other times, we use them with a hot guy. If you find a sexy man who loves toy play, you might start off with something simple like a back-ended dildo. But if you really want to spice things up, you guys may want to try something more…intense.

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Roan Birkin is one of our favorite cam studs on! This 20-year-old hottie knows how to keep his fans satisfied with that hot ass and thick uncut dick. He’s been camming for nearly two years and he’s made gay cams so fucking hot that we need to see more!

In one of Roan’s best videos, he’s already jerking his dick. He gives it a nice spit, then adds some lube so he can have the perfect jack-off sesh.

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But the party is still going. Roan then gets on all fours and plays with that hot ass. He has his toy rammed up inside while he spanks and fingers himself.

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Something to know about Roan- his birthday is next month on July 31st! It’ll be his 21st birthday so let’s make it a special one!

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“Imagine walking around in the forest, and you just see the bush is moving, you get scared, but then you go and see what’s happening, and then you see 2 guys and a girl having fun with each other. You get scared again but after you join and let your ass get penetrated. You just enjoy the time there, and it’s a popular forest so guys are walking by and joining. ;)”

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