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All Your Ass Play Needs Happening Now in 2024

This is the ‘bottom’ line…

Happy New Year, boys! Time to start 2024 with the best asses around! Thousands of hunks are going behind the camera for all your ass play needs. As they soon as they get on all fours, that ass is yours. Take a look at some things we can look forward to this year on gay cams…

Dammian Miller

Anal Training

New guys are signing up for live porn every day. Some of them are still new at taking it up the ass. So they might need someone to teach them what to do. They have the dildoes ready, but how exactly do they stick it inside? How much lube do they need? They’ll need someone who can take charge and show them how to be true power bottoms.

Diago Rockfield

Special Toys

There are all kinds of sex objects that cam guys are using. From silicone toys, to interactive buzzers, to butt plugs, they’ll be stretching those holes just for you. Some of those toys are for beginners, others are for experts. You can see your man start off with a small dildo then expand to a giant one as he rides it like a true stud!

Mauro C


If you have a thing for watching couples, then this will definitely be happening. But if you like solo shows, there are other ways to enjoy ass-eating on camera. Feel free to get your own rubber ass and show your man how much you like tickling his hole with your tongue. When he’s sticking that booty out for you, he’ll spread his cheeks as you can see how tasty he looks. As you spit on your silicone friend, your man will moan with ecstasy.

Noah Sandler


It’s the best, right? Watching your man get on all fours showing every last inch of that ass. Then he gives himself a hard (or soft) smack. He can start off slow before giving himself a blazing red mark. Or, he can bring in a paddle and go all our. He might just tease with spanks here and there. Take your pick and spanking can be your show.

Sean Mendes

Bottom Bitch Boys

As we move into the new year, we learn more about men behind the camera. Some of them might look new to bottoming, but a lot of these guys have been camming for years. So they can show you exactly how much they love to take it up the ass. Take your pick and find a man who will satisfy your bottoming needs. Isn’t that what ass play is all about?

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13 Men Looking to Fuck on Friday the 13th

Here are some cracks you can step on this Friday the 13th.

Jason Vorhees has nothing on these studs…

Feeling superstitious this Friday the 13th? You can enjoy the day with ladders, black cats, umbrellas, and the number 13 plastered on your computer screen. Sounds scary? Well, that luck is about to change.

Here are some gorgeous men on gay cams who are about to turn that bad luck into an amazing night to remember.

In honor of this holiday, we present you with 13 sexy studs who are here for all your horny needs. These guys are getting naked on and want someone to fuck. They’ll jerk their cocks, give great cumshots, suck their toys, and more dick fun.

If you’re all about the ass, then just let them know you want to see these hotties on all fours. They’ll spread the cheeks, touch their holes, and might even bring in a nice silicone toy.

How about some fun Friday the 13th butt games? Maybe your favorite hunk will give himself 13 nice spanks! Or, maybe you could get him to cum 13 times…these hotties are always up for a challenge! Maybe some umbrella play? A lot of things can be done there on gay cams…

Check out the top 13 men tonight and see how lucky they can make you feel…after all, luck favors the brave!

1 Brent Snake

Gaycams stud Brent Snake in white briefs

2 Axel Crow

Gay cams star Axel Crow and ripped abs

3 Dany Davis

Gay cam star Dany Davis in black shirt

4 James Terrey

Gaycam star James Terrey in white briefs

5 Charliie Hotx

Gaycam stud Charliie Hotx in grey shirt

6 Hunter Bridges

Gaycams model Hunter Bridges in green boxer briefs

7 Liu Kent

Shirtless gaycams star Liu Kent

8 Gabriel and Harper

Gay-cam stars Gabriel and Harper couple

9 Mike Terrell

Gaycam stud Mike Terrell in black hat

10 Magic Mak

Gaycams hunk Magic Mak shirtless

11 Mauro C

Gay cams hunk Mauro C in nature

12 Robin Rieff

Gay cams hottie Robin Rieff in red briefs

13 Connor Heat

Gay cams stud Connor Heat in black undies

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Muscle Guys

Let’s Make Mauro C’s Ass Buzz in His Next Scheduled Show on OhMyButt

Mauro C is one of our favorite bottoms on He loves taking that interactive toy in his tight hole and feeling that vibration till he nuts a huge load.

You can make that ass buzz by joining in for two scheduled performanes.

The party is happening on Saturday, Apr. 17 at 4 a.m. EST and Sunday, Apr. 18 at 4 a.m. EST.

Another important date: April 23rd! This is Mauro’s 12-year anniversary on gay cams!

At 30-years-old, Mauro still has lots to share on live gay chat even after more than a decade.

Here are some of his best fan reviews:

“I had a great time with him. Wow, he can shoot a load. You really should try.”

“Mauro is crazy sexy and very engaging with his users. A lot of fun and so so sexy! I’m constantly hard!”

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“Mauro is a sexual tornado—absolutely bursting with sex and cum. Just relaxing he gives you a hardon. When he shows his perfect ass it’s hard not to cum spontaneously. Funny, full of personality, and knows what to do. Amazing guy.”

“I have done 15 private shows with Mauro and I have never been disappointed he blows a load every time. and that dick is fabulous. big and fat.”

Ass and dick is all we need from Mauro so let’s join him for some buzzing fun!

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