Enjoy a Cock Tease With Andrew Denson on His One-Year Cam Anniversary

Andrew Denson‘s anniversary is happening on June 28th! What better way to celebrate than by watching him shoot his load?!

This 19-year-old loves cock teases on gay cams. We can see a bright future ahead on as he plays with that shaft in more live gay chat shows. At only 19, he’s one of the top cam guys, so we can only imagine how big of a hit he’ll be at 25.

Another thing to know about Andrew- he loves the taste of cum in his mouth.

“I love to cum on cam while fingering my ass. Cum would be my dessert.”

Time with this man is time well spent, according to his dearest fans.

“Andrew knows how to have a good time and give one as well. His flawless talent and energy reach through the screen and engulfs you in a state of ecstasy. If you spend time with him he’ll leave a lasting impression that you will want to experience over and over again. I know I did and have.”

“Andrew is a beautiful person inside and out. A diamond in the rough. Spend time with him and tip him well, you won’t be disappointed.”

“He is so delicious! I was his first and been with him 2 times private since. He is gorgeous with perfect manhood. He gets very excited to perform with you. I always compete with him. Take him private ASAP.”

There’s plenty of Andrew cum for everyone!

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Andrew Frox Has a Great Dick For Fucking, Check it Out in His OhMyButt Profile

Andrew Frox loves showing dick. He loves it so much that he pulled it out for some photos in his profile. He also has a thing for feet, spanking, and nipple clamps. So there are lots of different parts of Andrew to go around!

Four years of camming and Andrew has made tons of new fans. Here are some of his best reviews:

“Always a pleasure to spend time with Andrew in an exclusive, 1 on 1 private. He makes your fantasies come to life right there on your screen. I highly recommend you try it with him.”

“Andrew has a hot body and the perfect dick to go with it, and he knows how to use it. He is well worth your credits for a private show, you won’t regret it. “

“Andrew is the absolute best performer on this site!! Do yourself a favor and take this wonderful man in an exclusive private and let him tailor make an experience for you. He will not disappoint!! I have spent many hours alone with him win private and each time it just gets better.”

If you want to see this guy’s cock and his toy up his tight hole, then take a look at the pics in his profile. This will give an idea of what exactly to expect in his gay cam shows. He loves feeling that toy buzz inside imagining it’s a huge dick. The harder, the better.

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BDSM is Getting Hot This Weekend With 28 Studs on

Happy Friday! Let’s celebrate the weekend with some BDSM fun!

There are thousands of sexy men on who can turn you into their slave. These dudes love taking control and telling their prey what to do. Whether it’s making you wank, watching them wank, bringing out the whips, chains, handcuffs, clamps, and more, BDSM is where it’s at in live gay chat. Obey their rules and you’ll receive all the punishment you deserve.

When it cums to gay models on, there’s no messing around. If you are unable to follow the rules, then you’ll receive something nasty in return. Something filthier than you’ve ever experienced.

Here are 29 guys who have cammed for years or just started on the site. Some of them work solo, others are in pairs. You might even find some group shows that will make you cum a huge load…only when it’s allowed.

1 Roan Birkin

2 Cox Adam

3 Willyam Thomson

4 Maicol Rous

5 Alejo Diaz and Axell Smitm

6 Jeyden Scott

7 Jake and Dimitri

8 Alessandro Mars

9 Freeman Lesux

10 John Losoon

11 Randy Hopper

12 Lian Oconner

13 Jack Eros and Efron Simons

14 Fhercy Adams

15 Cain X

16 Tayler Wild

17 Master Joshua

18 Andrew Frox

19 Hard Rocky

20 Philip Stravinsky

21 Carlos and Ian and Sergio and Daniel

22 Daimon Starling

23 Colin Roling

24 Marcus Lewiss

25 Alejandro Silva

26 Fred Clarson

27 Andrew Dupont

28 Nick Marshall

Do you know which guys give the best shows? Which one is your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!

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Watch 27 Anal Dudes Play With Their Holes on Live Gay Chat

The best sexual pleasure happens up the ass.

As much as we love jerking off, you get a totally different sensation when you have something hitting your prostate.

Cam guys do anal the best. These studs spend their time playing with their tight holes in live gay chat and want someone to join them for the anal fun. These studs love bending over and showing off their nice butts on and spreading their holes for the camera.

When it comes to anal play, these guys can do it all. They love sticking dildoes inside as well as vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads, and other toys. They also like to finger themselves or might just get a real dick!

Check out some of the hottest anal studs on gay cams who want their holes filled up now.

1 Alejandro Fuentes

2 Philip Benadick

3 Alex Burns

4 Dan Lopez

5 Willy Romeo

6 Elian and Oliver

7 Matthew Johnsonn

8 Ricardo Brand

9 Taylor Kiing

10 Andrew Conde

11 Falo London

12 Boddi York

13 Zeus and Orlando

14 Ellio and Dave

15 Barry King

16 Tayler Smithh

17 Lukas Kennedy

18 Antony Matew

19 Oliver Adderiy

20 Ryan Douson

21 Ibrahim Daastan

22 Richard Bonnd

23 Xavier Colemam

24 Jake Envans

25 Max Vil

26 Zeus Strong

27 Dylan Marx

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Sexy Asian Men With the Wildest Fetishes on

If your dick has a taste for hot Asian guys, then look no further on You’ll find thousands of sexy Asian men looking to fuck on gay cams.

Below are 17 hot Asian studs who have some of the kinkiest fetishes. From dildo play, spanking, sex toys, roleplay games, and so much more, you can have all the Asian dirty play you want in live gay chat.

Check out the hottest Asian men on gay cams and their favorite fetishes…just remember these fetishes are included but not limited! So if there’s something else on your dirty mind, feel free to explore it with them and you’ll both shoot your loads harder than you’ve ever imagined!

1 Jin Ho

Cock Teasing, Jerk-Off-Instruction, Total Power Exchange

2 Estheban Baxter

Humiliation, Piercings, Handcuffs

3 Khan Shao

Smoking, Teasing, Nipple Clamps

4 Alex Sean

Fleshlight, Whip, Feather

5 Asian Bert

Cum Eating, Muscle Worship, Rope Play

6 Aaron Sin

Roleplay, Cosplay, Spanking

7 Cesar Khumar

Humiliation, Orgasm Control, Armpits

8 Brando Scott

Slaves, Submission, Clothespins

9 Ren Yoon

Feet, Butt Plug, Nipple Clamps

10 Macky World

Sugar Daddy, Giant Dildo, Anal

11 Adrian Rae

Tickling, Collar and Leash, Legs

12 Max Core

Ball Gag, Double-Ended Dildo, Nipple Biting

13 Fadhli Hernandez

Cock Teasing, Rimming, Double-Ended Dildo

14 Jhony Rey


Legs, Ball Gag, Anal

15 Mac Bell

Domination, Food, Sugar Daddy

16 Tammy Pachee

Training, Bottoming, Cum Eating

17 Ian Simpson

Discipline, Muscle Worship, Spanking

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Austin Rayne is Celebrating His One-Year Camming Anniversary, How Can You Make Him Happy?

Happy Almost One-Year Anniversary, Austin Rayne! Thanks for gracing the screen with that ripped chest and tasty dick on

Austin has lots of fetishes he loves getting into on gay cams. So that will be one way to make him happy for his anniversary. Here are some of his favorites you could try with him: cum eating, foot fetish, rope play, discipline, nipple play, and nipple clamps. Plus, lots more.

There is also potential roleplay for having sex with Austin on the beach. It’s always been one of his fantasies to fuck someone under the stars with a bottle of wine.

Get ready for the anniversary on April 26th when you can plan something special with this Colombian stud.

Here are his best reviews in the past year:

“I enjoyed so much fun with Austin in a private show. He is adorable and pretty handsome too. I gave him an excellent performance in his modeling act.”

“Austin is by far the best person! He is so friendly with a great personality and has an even better body. His muscular body and great cock are something to be enjoyed in his hot private shows.”

“Austin captivates you the moment you enter his room with those beautiful brown eyes and stunning smile. He is charming, fun, and talented. His lean muscular body and fantastic ‘assets’ only add to the entertainment he provides.”

Let’s enjoy a night in with Austin and that ‘stunning smile.’

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Enjoy One Hell of an Orgy With Charlie Craig on His Two-Year Anniversary

Charlie Craig is about to celebrate his two-year anniversary on May 2nd! The best way to make this guy happy is by fulfilling his naughtiest fantasy.

“My fantasy is being on an orgy with a lot of horny and cute guys,” he said.

So let’s get a group together for some hot sex with this cutie. He’ll pull out the big toys and show just how rough he likes to fuck! He’s a power bottom who can take a big cock in his hole with no mercy.

“I have very specific fetishes, love the orgies, cum dumpsters, role play, FF and Big Toys, those are like my very specific fetish, that does not mean I don’t like to explore and please on the broadcast. Actually, my top Fetish is thinking someone is watching me, supporting me having fun and getting pleasure for me, don’t doubt to ask me for something no judgments.”

That’s one of the best parts about live gay chat with hot dudes on– they love when someone watches them and gets off with them while they stroke and play with themselves. Something about a man playing with his dick while checking him out in a live show gets these guys so fucking hard for more.

May 2nd is the big day to make Charlie happy. The more guys who join his room, the harder he’ll fuck himself with his giant dildo!

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Kevin Warhol is the Angel of Gay Cams, See What He’s Packing!

Kevin Warhol looks hot as fuck when he goes live in gay chat. He’s been one of the most requested models since 2014 and is still working that ass on

Those abs, that chest, his handsome face, and a beautiful ass…Kevin is the man of gay cams. Plus, audience members are craving more of his amazing friendship.

“Kevin has and always will be my favorite, a really true genuine soul. You would need to look very very hard to find a more beautiful person inside and out! Always the same, never any attitude. His presence is electrifying.”

“What can I say? Kevin has the best personality and sense of humor! It is a joy to spend time with him. He makes everyone feel welcome, that is star quality!”

“Kevinko, I cannot write a review high enough for you my dearest friend. You are amazing! I always have a great time with you, whether its a party night or just chilling and talking, you are a very special person to me, but you already know that!”

It’s always so much better to have live virtual sex with a hot guy who can be so chill and sweet with you. That’s where Kevin cums in! He can be your buddy, your one-night stand, a friend with benefits, love interest, you name it! With that body and kind soul, anything is possible with this hunk. Time to blow off some steam!

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Daley and Callum Are the New ‘It’ Couple on

You know when someone becomes a success on live gay chat? When he becomes of the top cam guys after only THREE DAYS!

Daley and Callum have scored to the top of after only three days of camming! Clearly, these guys know how to make their audience very happy.

What is it about these two that makes them so amazing? They know exactly how to tease the camera. They also started off with an amazing shower show where they played with each other’s asses and had some hot making out.

Now it’s time to see these two fuck!

If you like watching porn, you can CREATE your own porn with this sexy couple. These guys love playing on camera and want to give you the dream show your cock has been needing.

Whether it’s cock sucking, bottoming, ass eating, spanking, kissing, or more, let these guys know exactly what turns you on. They can go on for a few minutes or for plenty longer. It’s all a matter of the kind of porn you want right in front of you.

As much as we love the attachment with one guy on camera, sometimes we need to be the third party. Real sex can happen live as long as you’re ballsy enough to say what kind of fucking gets you going. It’s been a few days and these studs are already on the site’s front page.

So let’s not wait up. This couple needs to cum on each other’s faces now.

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What is Macy Harper’s Greatest ‘ASSet’ on Live Gay Chat?

Macy Harper has made fans happy for the past year-and-a-half on With that pretty face and sweet ass, fans love watching this guy get sexy on live gay chat. But what is it that makes this guy truly special?

Of course, his sexuality comes to mind…but it’s also his kind personality that makes audience members crave him more.

“Macy is an amazing ASSet,” one of his fans said. “He’s the guy you want to have a few beers with and then goes home with. Whether you are tipping in a party show or enjoying private time in a private show, you will love every minute of this attentive, fun-loving guy.”

Macy also just celebrated his 21st birthday last week. So that’s something to enjoy with this guy when you stop by his room for a conversation. All you need to do is wish him a belated birthday and that will make him smile.

Be aware though…giving in to this guy’s temptations could make you fall pretty hard.

“Don’t look into my eyes,” Macy said in his profile. “You will fall in love.”

So don’t say he didn’t warn you…Macy has already gained a good haul of men who want to have a romantic relationship with him. It’s just a matter of finding what makes him happy. If you can make this guy satisfied, then he’ll be sure to do the same in return.

Sweet guys like Macy keep the party going in gay cam chat.

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